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Artificial stone Uses

1, table
1) Ordinary table: cabinets countertops, bathroom countertops, bay windows, dining table, business desk, reception counter, desk, computer tables, bar sets and so on.Artificial quartz stone both natural texture of marble and sturdy texture, smooth and delicate ceramics and timber ease of processing. Its use and promotion marks from natural stone Art Deco era, into a new man-made stone stone new era.
2) hospital table, laboratory table: artificial stone acid and alkali resistance, easy to clean and care, seamless bacteria nowhere to hide, and is widely used in hospitals and laboratory table tops and other important occasions, meet the sterile environment Claim.
Artificial stone Uses
2 sinks (sinks)
3, commercial decoration
1) Building decoration personalized door pillar, it is the crowning touch of architectural space, expressive force and shaping artificial Shifeng Fu, the artificial stone can easily do the job, so that each door pillar, like a work of art exudes culture product as a living space to add elegance. Artificial stones surface brilliance as a mirror, it is easy to clean, long Changxin, coupled with dazzling color, plasticity, and become the best sill plate with a variety of designs. 2) business and entertainment decorated in a variety of commercial and entertainment venues, if the choice of artificial stone can make it gorgeous and elegant design, rational distribution, can produce a broad use of space and perfect decorative light effect, allowing you into a harmonious tone, feel warm. Special curvature shape, exquisite mosaics, arches protruding coarse ore, elegant eclipse floor, pleasing polished, elegant Roman arch column, bar smooth, harmonious and elegant business counter, no endless beautiful creative effects now artificial stone harmonious and elegant image. Highlighting the theme of business and entertainment atmosphere, artificial stone but also with a variety of materials and a variety of processing methods, creating a unique charm of the special design effects. 4, furniture applications
Artificial stone countertop is ideal material for fine furniture Tables, Taipan boss also come in handy. 5, sanitary applications
Artificial stone ware, Bath, personalized bathroom, is the crowning touch to the bathroom space. It has a rich expressive force and shape, providing a steady stream of inspiration to designers. Whether it is dignified calm indecent style, or modern style concise fashion, health, environmental protection, artificial stone bathroom, let you enjoy every moment of the bath, her life more exciting. 6, art processing
According to the current needs of the domestic economic development, artificial stone for future consumption trend in pots, sculpture, craft products processing.
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