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Yellow ledgestone veneer panels S1124

Material:Slate & Culture Stone   Origin:   Time:28/07/2016






Product Description

Culture Slate Stone
- Slate is formed by geological changes in the ancient geological rivers carry a large number of long-term sediment deposition, the formation process and its geographical location is total different from the granite. It does not contain harmful elements, and non-radioactivity.
- Slate has a unique bedding and cleavage; it could be spitted into slices randomly with smooth surface and nature grain.
- As a building and decoration material, Slates are widely used for roofing, walling and flooring with a unique and particular architectural style of black roof culture. Besides of Natural texture and quaint color, the low water absorption, weather Resistance, Compression, Flexural strength, non-radiation, pollution-free, are most properties and character of our slates. Life of slates can be achieved over several decades.
Yellow ledgestone veneer panels
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